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About Prescription Psychiatrists Makati

Psychologists Serving Patients in Metro Manila and Surrounding Areas

Founded in 2018, our company is a group of specialists and individuals working towards the collective
goal of improving mental health across the Philippines. Our focus is to offer high quality comprehensive
psychological health care. We provide psychiatric and psychological services to children and adults with a
full range of mental health and substance abuse difficulties in the Centuria Medical Hospital area and
greater Makati region. We are your Psychiatrists in Centuria Medical Makati and surrounding areas!

Our staff includes psychiatristspsychologists, clinical social workers, and marriage and family therapists
(MFT). Services include psychological and psychiatric evaluations, medication management,
therapy/counselling (individual, couples and family), group therapy, Employee Assistance Program, and
psychological testing.

We treat many conditions including but not limited to: depression, addictive disorders, bi-polar affective
disorder (manic-depression), anxiety, panic, phobias, post-traumatic stress, obsessive compulsive
disorder, eating disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum, behaviour problems,
anger, stress and relationship issues.

Vision statement

Our vision is to be:

  • Known for high-quality, world-class mental health care by providing secure employment to
  • clinicians and equipping them with high standard facilities.
  • Known for having clinicians who are focused on patient outcomes first and foremost, and not a commission or financial incentive which may influence the duty of care of the patient.
  • The leader of private mental health care and bring about a higher standard for clinics in the
    Philippines whilst removing stigma and spreading awareness through the community.

Mission statement

Our Mission is simple, serve the people of Makati who are in need of high-quality mental health care
through modern procedures and ethical standards.


Respect, Integrity, Honesty.

Business Goals & Objectives

Our goal is to create a viable clinic in the Centuria Medical Hospital and implement world-class clinical
standards and systems. Our primary objective is to create and maintain a good reputation for our clinic and
attract quality patients who seek quality services.

Business Strategy

We are implementing scalable systems and policies that have been used successfully in high competitive
regions of the USA, UK and Australia. Our systems include high quality, multifaceted marketing campaigns
which are technologically advanced, strategically sophisticated and readily scalable. The marketing
campaigns being performed are completely legal and comply with all standards, they are cutting edge and
have proven profitable in many western countries. Outside of top quality health care, we believe our
advantage is the understanding of these campaigns and the careful selection of our support team. Through
the use of these systems and campaigns, and by providing high-quality mental health solutions, we believe
our clinic will be a breath of fresh air to the people of Makati and surrounding areas in Metro Manila.