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Your nightmares can end. We can help you get close to people again. Your stress and headaches can be calmed. It doesn’t have to hurt forever, together, we can help the pain go away. Has something happened to you that brings you pain, stress, and sadness? Do you think you cannot be the same person you have always been, that you can never feel normal again, you will never be happy again? It’s hard to stop thinking about what happened, and whats wrong, isn’t it? You try avoiding people and things that remind you of your pain, and it only seems to grow every week?

You are having normal human reactions, these are normal feelings that occur in an incident. You might even feel like you are going crazy, but you are not. If you feel like work is stressful, that you are angry at loved ones or you cry for no reason, please consider calling us so we can help you find a way to be you again, to be happy again, to love again. A psychiatrist or psychologist may be able to help you.


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A Psychiatrist and Psychologist can help with:

  • Unexpected Mood Swings

    Feeling happy some days and sad others is usually normal, so long as these different moods aren’t having a large impact on your day to day life. However, if you regularly switch between very high and very depressed, it is possible that you have a medical condition. If you think you experience serious mood swings, then you should seek psychiatric help.

  • Stress & Anxiety

    Anxiety is a normal human reaction. In the early days of humanity, anxiety was triggered when faced with a predator or enemy. The reason we have anxiety is because it’s our bodies’ way of telling us to resolve or escape a potentially dangerous situation. In modern times, we don’t often face physical dangers, but anxiety often occurs due to work, money, health, family or other issues. Anxiety becomes a disorder when the duration of anxious feelings is longer than it should be, or if the feelings are stronger than what the situation demands. If anxiety is disrupting your normal functions in life, consider seeing a Psychiatrist in Makati to help you live a happier life.

  • Anger Management

    It is normal to feel angry, but you should be able to do so in a way that is not aggressive or hurtful. Anger management is about identifying your triggers, preventing anger and controlling anger in a healthy way. It is important to manage anger and not bottle it up. A mental health professional can help you better deal with your anger.

  • Family Member Conflict

    Conflict within families is inevitable and often results in frustrating, painful or challenging times. Symptoms consist of arguments, anger, or feeling guilty or disappointed with members of your family. These problems can stem from small irritations or resentments which have been bottled up for extended periods of time. Family member conflict can also be a result of mental health problems with one or multiple family members, or simply a stressful situation such as financial issues, substance abuse, illness or divorce. No matter what has caused the conflict amongst family members, we recommend visiting a mental health professional as they may be able to bring peace back to your family.

  • Job Loss or Change

    Losing or changing your job can be an incredibly stressful and challenging time. Going through a massive change in your life like this can have a huge effect on your emotional wellbeing. If you are struggling with a change in your job circumstances, speaking to a psychologist can help ease your stress and concerns, giving you the ability to adapt better.

  • Depression

    We all feel low, sad or moody every so often. However, some people experience these feelings intensely and for long periods of time, even without any obvious reason. If you’ve felt sad, low on energy or motivation for weeks on end, you may be experiencing depression. Depression is when feelings of emptiness, irritability or excessive tiredness last longer than 2 weeks, affect most parts of daily life and cause a person to stop or no longer be interested in things they used to enjoy. With the right help, most people experiencing depression can manage their symptoms better. Our Psychiatrists and Psychologists in Makati are experienced in supporting people with depression.

  • Irregular Sleep Cycles

    People with an irregular sleep cycle have a sleep pattern that is not ‘normal’ to society’s standard. There is generally no real pattern or regularity to falling asleep or waking up, and tiredness gets in the way of normal functioning. If insomnia or irregular sleep are affecting your life, seeking help from a mental health professional is recommended as they may aid you in restoring healthy sleeping patterns.

  • Marriage/Couples Help

    When in a relationship, it’s normal for there to be ups and downs. During difficult times, some of us really struggle to remain happy with our partners. In this case, we recommend couples therapy with a mental health professional. A therapist can facilitate important conversations with your partner which you otherwise might not have had. You will likely understand each other better with the help of an impartial mediator. Doing this can help you reconnect with your partner and learn how to communicate with each other in a constructive way, to make both of your lives happier.

  • Intrusive Thoughts

    Intrusive thoughts are thoughts which pop in to your mind that are unwelcome, such as hurting yourself or someone else, or doing something embarrassing or socially unacceptable. While everybody experiences intrusive thoughts every so often, they can become an issue when they cause you to experience distress or you can’t stop thinking about them. Intrusive thoughts can be the result of one of many mental health issues and as such, it is recommended that you visit a mental health professional if you are experiencing them.

  • Isolation & Loneliness

    Loneliness is the sadness or upset you feel about being alone or feeling disconnected from the people around you. It is possible to feel lonely even when you are surrounded with people. Loneliness and isolation can occur for several reasons such as feeling inferior to our peers, relocating to a new area or not fitting into a social group at school or work. Long periods of feeling lonely or isolated can have a negative impact on your wellbeing. You may experience an increased risk of depression and anxiety, lack motivation, sleep poorly and/or abuse alcohol. A mental health professional can help you reconnect with those around you and navigate your feelings in a healthier way.

  • Addiction

    Addiction happens when somebody regularly and compulsively engages in behaviours such as drug use, drinking, gambling or gaming. A person with an addiction will continue their behaviours even despite bad side effects, and usually can’t stop without help and support. If you or someone you know has an addiction, you likely want to seek professional help. You can get personalised support when you see a psychologist in Makati, which can help you quit your addiction or aid someone you know with an addiction.


Our Approach & Values


Our manila psychiatrists and psychologists are certified doctors that are licensed to perform psychiatric evaluations, prescribe medication and/or provide talk-therapy. Our therapists are qualified to help you using a complete and personalized approach to your situation. We may also coordinate treatment plans with multiple doctors in our clinic to best provide for your needs.

Our psychiatrists and psychologists have seen thousands of patients and are up-to-date with the latest improvements in psychological health. We value your happiness, wellbeing and quality of life. As psychiatrists in Manila, we are proud to serve our fellow Filipino citizens who are suffering from Depresyon Anxiety, and other conditions. Our Psychologists in Manila are here to help you with talk therapy, psychotherapy, and Psychological Testing