Prescription Psychiatrists offers online Mental health services for corporations, conglomerates, educational institution and government agencies.

Psychologist consultation Online


Psychologists Consultation Online

Are you interested in working with a therapist but unable to meet in person? Does your work or school schedule get in the way of therapy? Do you prefer to talk over the phone or via live video?

Prescription Psychiatrists is proud to offer teletherapy services for adults from all over the Philippines. Our teletherapists are dedicated to helping you overcome adversity, reach your goals, and achieve a life full of joy and wellbeing.


  • Improved access to mental health services for assessment and ongoing treatment.
  • Improved quality of mental health care.
  • Reduced wait time.
  • Telepsychotherapy includes the use of real-time video conferencing. It helps you, the psychotherapy client, maintain control over your environment. You are free to be anywhere, at home, at work, on vacation, wherever. You get to decide where your sessions are. In addition, you get to decide what medium to use. For example, you can choose online therapy one week and the next week, choose to meet by phone or email.

Telepsychotherapy is a new, popular way to have counseling sessions, especially for those without vehicles, or those so busy they don’t have time to get to a clinic.


Psychotherapy, also referred to as talk therapy, is an approach by trained mental health providers to help people with different classifications of mental illnesses and to assist individuals in coping up with their emotional difficulties.

In psychotherapy, psychologists apply scientifically validated procedures to help people develop healthier, more effective habits. Therapy can take various forms — cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, psycho-dynamic therapy, or a combination of these — but at the center of each is the caring relationship between a mental health professional and a client.  Learn More


Relationship Therapy

Usually, the first treatment goal is restoring the marriage or couple friendship in order to decrease the loneliness each of you feels in the relationship. Years of distance and isolation may make trust a challenge.

Where open hostility and anger is a major problem, learning to recognize and manage intense emotion is a priority treatment issue. You will learn how to calm yourself and your partner before your emotions hijack you and ruin any chance of a productive discussion between you and your partner. Learn More

Family Therapy

Counselors, also known as guidance counselors were first primarily responsible for facilitating career development. Today, the role of the counselor is multifaceted and may vary greatly, depending on the requirements of the student, school and their families. Learn More

Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

Anxiety is a normal human reaction when faced with danger designed to help our survival. Anxiety alarms were triggered in our minds in the early days of humanity when facing a predator or enemy. The reason we have anxiety is because it is our bodies way of telling us to leave the situation we are in. Learn More