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Telepsychiatry can involve direct interaction between a psychiatrist and the patient. It also encompasses psychiatrists supporting primary care providers with mental health care consultation and expertise. Mental health care can be delivered in live, interactive communication.
Online Psychiatrist Consultation


Online Psychologist Consultation

What is a Psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a doctor that has completed further training to specialize in assessing, diagnosing and treating mental health conditions. They understand physical and mental health and how those aspects affect each other. As such, they can assist in treating severe or complex mental health problems and can prescribe medication.

Seeing a psychiatrist is quite like seeing any other kind of doctor. The psychiatrist will inform you of your right to confidentiality and what that means. They will then conduct a detailed assessment by asking questions about your life and your feelings, as well as your background and what’s happened in your past.


Are you a returning client who is already taking medications? Book your follow up session with our Psychiatrist here.

How do Psychiatrists treat mental health?

Psychiatrists help treat mental health issues firstly by assessing mental and physical symptoms. They diagnose and work with a person to develop a treatment plan for recovery. They also give advice about diet, sleeping patterns and other lifestyle factors to help a person get better.

Psychiatrists provide information about your condition and recommend treatments and explain all the details of how treatments work. This includes providing information on what side-effects may occur, any risks and how much it costs. Patients have the choice on whether or not to have the treatment recommended by the professional. Book an appointment here.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mental health disorder characterized by extreme highs and lows in mood and energy. While everyone experiences ups and downs, the severe shifts that happen in bipolar disorder can have a serious impact on a person’s life.

Contrary to how it is sometimes used in conversation, a diagnosis of bipolar disorder does not mean a person is highly emotional but rather refers to someone who experiences extended periods of mood and energy that are excessively high and or/irritable to sad and hopeless, with periods of normal mood in between. Learn More


What Does Depression Look Like?

Depression is different in everyone, so if you experience just some of the symptoms listed below, it might be best for you to consult your medical professional or book a consultation appointment with us directly. A clinical psychologist in Manila will be able to diagnose your concern and assist in treatment. Learn More

Mood Swings

Mood swings can sometimes be managed with the following strategies:

Having a mood diary where you can track mood changes. This will help you understand your mood shifts and changes in your emotions.
Exercise helps the body produce endorphins. This hormone can help control stress and improve mood. Having an organised daily schedule can also alleviate stress, therefore preventing mood swings. Getting enough sleep can help in improving mood swings. Learn More

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