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About Psychiatry Consultation 

What is a Psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a doctor that has completed further training to specialize in assessing, diagnosing and treating mental health conditions. They understand physical and mental health and how those aspects affect each other. As such, they can assist in treating severe or complex mental health problems and can prescribe medication.

Seeing a psychiatrist is quite like seeing any other kind of doctor. The psychiatrist will inform you of your right to confidentiality and what that means. They will then conduct a detailed assessment by asking questions about your life and your feelings, as well as your background and what’s happened in your past.

After conducting an assessment, your psychiatrist will discuss with you their findings and options for treatment.

How do Psychiatrists treat mental health?

Psychiatrists help treat mental health issues firstly by assessing mental and physical symptoms. They diagnose and work with a person to develop a treatment plan for recovery. They also give advice about diet, sleeping patterns and other lifestyle factors to help a person get better.

Psychiatrists provide information about your condition and recommend treatments and explain all the details of how treatments work. This includes providing information on what side-effects may occur, any risks and how much it costs. Patients have the choice of whether or not to have the treatment recommended by the professional.

How much does it cost to see a Psychiatrist?

The short answer is, It depends on where you go and who you see.

Psychiatric costs or fees range – from our research, around the Philippines you will pay anywhere from ₱ 2,000 to ₱ 7,000 to see a private practitioner (psychiatrist) in Metro Manila.


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Your nightmares can end. We can help you get close to people again. Your stress and headaches can be calmed. It doesn’t have to hurt forever, together, we can help the pain go away. Has something happened to you that brings you pain, stress, and sadness?  If you feel like work is stressful, that you are angry at loved ones or you cry for no reason, please consider calling us so we can help you find a way to be you again, to be happy again, to love again.

A psychiatrist or psychologist may be able to help you.

About Prescription Psychiatrists:

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Our company

Our company is made up of a large team of specialists and individuals working towards the collective goal of improving mental health across the Philippines. We provide psychiatric and psychological services to children and adults with a full range of mental health and substance abuse difficulties in the Centuria Medical Hospital area and greater Makati region. We are your Psychiatrists in Centuria Medical Makati and surrounding areas!

Our team

Our staff includes psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, and marriage and family therapists (MFT). Services include psychological and psychiatric evaluations, medication management, therapy/counselling (individual, couples, and family), group therapy, Employee Assistance Program, and
psychological testing.

Our quality

Our unique quality is we have clinicians who are focused on patient outcomes first and foremost, and not a commission or financial incentive which may influence the duty of care of the patient. Our clinicians have no financial incentives to delay, prolong or misdiagnose conditions/treatments.

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