Psychological Testing, Metro Manila Philippines

Prescription Psychiatrists and Psychologists offers a wide array of Psychological testing for corporations and agencies in Metro Manila.

Psychological testing and interviewing by a clinical psychologist helps businesses hire the right people. Our methods identifies whether the person is a good fit for your company and determines if the candidate has sufficient ability to elevate your organization. Psychological evaluations can be used in employee screening, succession planning, managerial selection, pre-employment decisions, and employee counseling situations.

Financially, corporate psychological testing can aid your company from hiring the incorrect person, which may save the organization thousands of dollars. Psychological assessment can protect your organization by eliminating candidates that are not a good fit to your organization.


In essence, Psychologists use psychological testing to improve your business in many ways including but not limited to:

  • Gain a better understanding of a company’s management talent and potential.
  • To better recognize individuals that have strong abilities for developmental opportunities.
  • To discover whether an employee is ready for promotion or managerial work.
  • To tailor plans for development based on the individual’s specific abilities and deficiencies.
  • To gain a better understanding of a person’s poor work performance or personality issues and to tailor a plan for improvement.
  • Call our corporate and testing hotline Phone Number: +63 2 86306554


Note: All personnel are treated as individual patients, and as such, in the case that our clinician suspect a condition, we will perform a more thorough examination/assessment at a later date. The Entity will be informed of all findings

Our standard operating process for most corporations:

  • An invoice is raised for the predetermined scope of work.
  • The Entity is provided a blank time schedule for team allocation:
  • The Entity designates staff so as to not impact the Entity’s own operations
  • The Entity fills in the schedule with staff names and creates a spreadsheet with a list of personnel
    names, emails and phone numbers.
  • The Entity returns the schedule and a list of test personnel to:
  • Our admins will create individual forms for Entity personnel to access the test via terminals in the clinic.
  • The clinic will send the Entity bulk “Patient Screening” Forms as so personnel can fill in the medically required
  • Personnel attend the clinic at their allocated time and see a psychologist or psychiatrist for the testing.
    Reports will be given to personnel or the Entity depending on preference.