Known for high-quality mental health care provider by providing secure employment to high performance clinicians and equipping them with high standard facilities.

We aim to continue to be a leader of private mental health care standards in the Philippines.

We have roles that advance staff through all stages of their career, and we’re committed to a supportive and meaningful work environment, with unique benefits along the way.

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Join Our Growing Team!

Be part of our growing team! Prescription Psychiatrists is always looking to partner with mental health professionals in the Philippines. If you are a Psychiatrist or a Psychologist looking to practice your profession in our clinics or our digital platforms you are welcome to apply us now!

Our Core Values

Employee Assistance Program Metro Manila, Employee Assistants Program Manila Philippines


Employee Assistance Program Metro Manila, EAP Service Providers


Employee Assistance Program Philippines, Employee Assistants Program Manila Philippines


Job Opportunities

Psychologists Consultation Manila, Psychological Therapy


If you are committed to strengthening families, individuals, and our entities by championing mental health through prevention, education, and counselling, you are welcome to become part of our team!

Psychiatry Philippines, Psychiatrist Manila


If you can provide psychological and psychiatric evaluations, medication management, individual and group therapy, using a complete and personalized approach, you are welcome to become part of our team! 

Employee Assistants Program Manila Philippines, EAP Service Providers


If you specialize in assessing, diagnosing, and treating mental health conditions and understand physical and mental health and how those aspects affect each other, you are welcome to become part of our team! 



Prescription Psychiatrists and Psychologists have known for providing secure employment to high-performance clinicians and equipping them with high-standard facilities.

Competitive Pay

Our staff includes psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, and marriage and family therapists (MFT) earn approximately 120 000 pessos per month.

Flexible Environment

We offer you an attractive work environment, flexible hours and friendly and inspirational team.

Professional Development

Prescription Psychiatrists support learning, education and training as well as helping staff achieve their personal and professional training and education goals, we support all aspects of mental health learning for patients, families, students, academic trainees, and volunteers.

Ambitious Goals

Our company is made up of a large team of specialists and individuals working towards the collective goal of improving mental health across the Philippines. We aim to bring about a higher standard for all clinics in the Philippines whilst removing the mental health stigma and spreading awareness through the community.


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