Adult ADHD: Frequently Asked Questions

This article relates to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in adults.

Is ADHD Real?

Over thirty years of research has gone into ADHD to show that yes, it is a real disorder. The debate among experts is no longer about whether the condition is real or not.

Does ADHD affect one’s job?

Adults with ADHD can struggle at work due to not being able to concentrate, as a result, their job performance suffers. They may also have an increased chance of changing jobs frequently because of their performance.

Where should I go for a diagnosis?

The most important factor in getting diagnosed is that you see a licensed professional and that you are comfortable with the situation. For ease, contact us here, for your consultation.

Is Ritalin prescribed too much?

Instead of thinking of it as Ritalin being overprescribed, I think it is better to think, ADHD is over-diagnosed. In children especially, studies have shown that normal children behaviours are often diagnosed as ADHD.

Can an adult have ADHD and not be hyperactive?

Yes, this used to be called ADD but is not ADHD, Predominantly Inattentive Presentation. Instead of having extra energy and feeling hyperactive, people with this disorder will instead daydream and struggle to focus.

Is there a specific way to diagnose ADHD?

There is no test one can complete diagnosing ADHD. A mental health professional is trained to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the individual to determine to the best of his/her ability whether the patient has ADHD. It is best to seek help from a psychologist for this diagnosis.

Are the medications safe?

Medications commonly used to treat ADHD have been extensively studied over long periods of time and very few long-term side effects have come up. Most side effects experienced are mild and short-term.

Loss of appetite and insomnia are the most common side effects. If these side effects are experienced, then a change in dosage or a different formula of the medication can be effective.

Are non-medication treatments effective?

Studies have shown that treatments, not using medications can be just as if not more effective than ones with medications. There are several psychological treatments and therapies used to treat ADHD in adults. If you would like to peruse treatment for ADHD that does not involve medication, it is recommended to speak with a psychologist. Contact us now to speak with a psychologist about your possibilities.

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