5 Steps to Deal with Mental Illness in The Workplace

Mental health is misunderstood by many as it has been made a ‘taboo’ subject in the past, especially in the workplace. It is common for companies to ignore that its employees may have mental health issues. This article will cover 5 ways, how a business can help its employees through their mental health and therefore help themselves.

Key Points

In most cases, as an employer, you cannot simply approach your employees about their mental health. Similarly, employees are often unwilling to go to their employer about their mental health for several reasons, such as, they do not want to be viewed differently, fear that they might miss out on opportunities for career advancement.

It is important to remember that mental health problems can play a large role in your employee’s life and can impact their performance. The trouble is for employers, it can often be hard to tell who may be struggling with a mental health condition. Many people are still scared of the stigma attached to mental health. For this reason, employers need to be proactive in helping their employees.

Here are five points for employers to consider:

Have clear policies in place

Have policies to ensure your staff get the help they need and that they know there is no stigma around their mental health in this workplace. If everyone knows that the employers care about their mental health, then they are more likely to be open to talking about it and expressing how it is impacting their work. You can then help by addressing the factors causing the condition if they stem from work or encouraging them to see a mental health professional while being supportive and having a less stressful environment in the workplace.

Be aware of the signs

It is important when dealing with mental health to be careful what you say as to not hurt any feelings and perhaps make one’s mental health condition worse. Promote awareness of mental health around the workplace and acknowledge how important it is to deal with them. Having a culture where people feel safe to be open about what they are going through can help the business.

There is no one way to help everyone

We are all different and mental health affects everyone differently. As such, there is no one way to help all your employees. Listen to your staff individually and help them based on what they have told you instead of doing what worked last time. It can really hurt someone with mental health issues to feel as though they are a burden, helping your staff feel supported will also make them feel more valued.

Train your managers

Managers and supervisors should be trained to help your staff with a mental illness. If an employee reports a mental health problem, your managers should be able to quickly try and sort the problem, if the condition is not because of work then your managers should be capable of being a sympathetic ear.

Promote Awareness

As an employer you should keep an eye out for any mental health problems in your business, so you can quickly help the person. Make sure that everyone in the business is aware that mental health will be taken seriously and that there is nothing wrong with someone suffering from any mental illness.

Help for your employees

Have you realised the importance of caring for the mental health of your employees?

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